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Golf Game Stimulus Package 

8 lessons for $600 save $200


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The Highlander Junior Golf Tour

Providing opportunities for Florida’s junior golfers to learn and improve through playing regular, affordable, competitive golf at great venues close to home


Jonathon and Jack win the Marion Junior CupJonathon and Jack win the Marion Junior CupOur Juniors have won over 50 first place medals in junior events around Florida!



 Twenty Lesson Series

Twenty Private Lessons for only $1350  

Save $650


Ten Lesson Series

Get ten lessons for the price of seven


Save $300

 Private lessons can be followed-up by a Lesson Overview Video that is emailed to the student. 

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  • Learn the game from putts to driver
  • Get a full game tune up for a super low price
  • First week Putting
  • Second week Chipping
  • Third week Irons
  • Fourth week Woods
  • Fifth class is on-course!
  • Maximum of five students
  • Only $129

other area classes cost over $200 for twice the students 


Call for current class times

352 259 0436


 "At 60 years young and recently moving to The Villages, and having never
playing golf in my life, I took up the game and started taking lessons from Mark
Panigoni. After 7 lessons with Mark, I shot a 41 on Sunday including my first
birdie at Sandhill playing from the gold. This was the 15th game that I had
played in my life. Two days later I played my 17th game at Saddlebrook
and scored a 35 with 3 pars and 4 bogies playing from the gold. This was now my
best game. These lessons really work. "    ----Bill Hayden    

The Villages, FL

Mark is the area's ONLY Authorized Stack & Tilt instructor.


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 Private Lessons


30 minute................$60

45 minute...................$80

60 minute...................$100




About Mark

Golf Game Stimulus Package 

8 lessons for $600 save $200


To see all lesson packages and learn more about private lessons,  click on the Lessons tab above

To start your Game Stimulus, call 352-259-0436


   Mark Panigoni, PGAMark Panigoni, PGA PGA pro Mark Panigoni is the area's foremost authority on the golf swing as it relates to back problems. "Unfortunately, many people with back problems mistakenly try to swing without moving their lower body. Thinking that if they don't move too much, they will avoid using their back. That is similar to being buried from the waist down and having someone pull your arms around your body." states Panigoni in a recent interview.   "Most people depend on cliches that have no value to their golf swing.  Keeping your head down is one of last things that someone should be thinking when they swing. 


     In fact, of the thousands of videos I've taken of my students, not once has a student "looked up"  before they attempted to hit the ball."  However, trying to "stay down" restricts their body which gives the golfer the mistaken impression that they lack flexibility, but in truth, it's a lack of understanding.  They top the ball because their arms are bent, their arms are bent because their body stops turning, their body stops turning because they're trying to stay down.   So they top the ball.  Then, they say they topped the ball because they raised up.  This is a frustrating cycle and people really hurt their back by trying to stay down." 

     "Before, I would always need to lie down on the 17th tee box to relieve my back pain.  Since taking my lessons on Stack and Tilt, I have had no back pain during or after my rounds!"  Denny Ricker - The Villages, FL


Recommended by Doctor's and Therapists

    Mark has conducted many clinics on how to swing a golf club without injuring your back, during these clinics he has been joined by area doctors and physical therapists that recommend his techniques. Mark continues to be the one that orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists and physical therapists in central Florida send their clients to for golf instruction. 

Joey Sindelar talks about Stack & Tilt and why it helps his back.  Click to watch video.Joey Sindelar talks about Stack & Tilt and why it helps his back. Click to watch video.


"I've played golf in pain for years, now it's a pleasure to play"  Sandra Ricciardi, The Villages, FL Watch video click here


     Panigoni knows back problems personally, having experienced three back surgeries himself, so you will be getting advice from someone that has lived with ruptured disks and was able to play better with the injury. The ruptured disks gave Mark extra incentive to slide his hips on the downswing which produced a more predictable swing that was pain free and powerful.


Mark is the area's only PGA instructor trained in the Stack & Tilt® system.   Students have driven as far as 2 hours to take lessons with him for this reason.

Mark's Guarantee

 Starting October 1, 2013, if you finish your private lesson and don't feel that you've either learned something to relieve your back pain or something to improve your golf don't have to PAY!

Mark conducting a clinic and demonstrating hip slideMark conducting a clinic and demonstrating hip slide


Lesson Overview Videos are FREE

    All of his private lessons are followed by an email that includes your swing videos and a review of the lesson called a lesson overview and it's free of charge with every private lesson and on course class. Many golf academies offer video or DVDs from the lesson for an extra charge. There is never an extra charge for a lesson overview email, even when you take an On-Course Class. You will receive videos of your golf swing during actual play at Miona Lake Golf Club, free of charge.

     To see a sample of what a Lesson Overview Video is  click here


Mark goes the extra mile for his students

     Mark is a very experienced instructor with over 10,000 lessons in the last 7 years alone.  He tries to always look for ways to improve his product. Stack & Tilt® authorization was a great added value to his students and well worth the time and expense. Computer software that provides the technology to create Lesson Overviews is another example.  Seeing your swing on video and having an explanation of the lesson is a great way to follow up your lesson at home. 

    "I came to your Free Clinic on the golf swing as a struggling golfer who had quit playing due to frustration. I employed only part of what I learned from you and went from shooting in the low 80s, at best, to seven straight rounds in the 70s with a 71 recorded in the Eagle Ridge Men's day."  John Hummel Del Webb  For more  read Mark's student comments.


On-Course LessonOn-Course LessonOn-Course Lessons are essential!

    Many people complain that they have different results when on the golf course compared to the driving range. The golf ball doesn't know where you are. Therefore, the student is doing something different when on the course. 

    One Hour On-Course Lessons start at 5:00 depending on availability.  For a limited time, the price is $75.  




After taking an on course lesson with you last week, I played 9 holes at Torri Pines at Lopez.


Was on the green in regulation 8 of 9 holes.  Shot 41, the best score I've ever shot!




Thanks,    John S , The Villages



Contributing Columnists

         In a effort to increase the understanding with the golfing public of the simplicity and logic of The Stack & Tilt swing system, Mark contributed Instructional Videos to The, a local on-line newspaper that has around 100,000 hits per month.  


     Many times Mark has been told that he is a patient instructor. He doesn't believe that adding more stress to a struggling student is going to produce improvement, most of the time. Mark gives 100% attention to every minute of every lesson, that is the only way he operates.


Here is an excerpt of Mark's story from a recent newspaper article.........


     Mark Panigoni believes the golf swing should not cause any back pain. Panigoni tries to instill that belief in his golf students.

     Panigoni, a PGA professional, underwent back surgery in 2007 and had to relearn how to swing a golf club. Now he takes pride in teaching that method to his students. "Swinging a golf club shouldn't be something that causes pain. After my back injury, I had to learn to swing the club by staying shifted onto my left leg and I noticed that my game actually improved. Pretty soon, I started teaching the same method to my students." 
      Not long after he began teaching his new method, a friend sent him a story from a golf magazine detailing an extremely similar philosophy.  As it turned out, Stack and Tilt was just getting starting on the PGA Tour. Several players were being taught to keep their weight on the left foot by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett with tremendous results. That is what the golf article discussed.  

   Mark teaching "hip slide"  "In retrospect, I believe that my back problems happened for a reason," Panigoni says. "The back injury turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it forced me to learn to swing more efficiently. Without the two ruptured disks in my lower lumbar, I may never have experimented with this method.  I believe that things happen for a reason.  God gives us challenges to build character and to teach us.  This was one of those times where He taught me something valuable that I could pass on to my students."

     Many of Panigoni's students report not only improvement in their golf game, but they are able to play PAIN FREE!  To see what some of his students have to say, go to TESTIMONIALS.   


Stack & Tilt definition

     The Stack & Tilt System is a different explanation of the swing than what has conventionally been used.  It is not necessarily a different swing, but more of a way to correctly organize the different variables of the swing that can be measured objectively.Andy Plummer, Mark Panigoni and Mike BennettAndy Plummer, Mark Panigoni and Mike Bennett
     The word system, when used in golf instruction, often has negative connotation.  The insinuation is that everyone using the same system is getting the same lesson or swings exactly the same way.  However, any serious discipline has a system of measuring and standardizing procedures.  A doctor learns to use systematic diagnosis to treat the ill yet not all illnesses are the same.  Patients are given systematic directions to follow to implement the doctor's orders, yet the medicines are different. 

     A system is a way to make the procedure easier and more reliable.

To read a recent article on why Tiger has changed his swing to Stack & Tilt, click here




 Upcoming Programs

Image Gallery

2021 Summer Camps will start 

May 31 at Eagle Ridge Golf Club.  

Ages 12-18 


Our Junior Camp is specialized for Middle and High School aged players that are on the golf team or are hoping to make the team! 

Coach Panigoni is the current Head Coach for The Villages High School Boys' golf team.  His students have won over 70 junior tour events and counting. 


Serious preparation but in a very fun atmoshere!

Call or email to sign up

Camps start with One Hour of full swing instruction and practice with water and snack breaks throughout.  One hour of short game instruction and practice and again breaks.  Then, one hour for lunch at Toppers Restaurant (included)


After lunch, we play 9 holes to put in play what the kids have learned and usually finish around 4:00.  


Each camp is coached by PGA Professional Mark Panigoni.  Maximum student ratio is 4 to 1. 


Camps are minimum of six hours long and will run Mon thru Wed 


Lunch at Toppers' Restaurant is included in the price.


9:45     Drop off in front of Pro Shop 


10am    Full Swing Class


11am    Short Game Class


Noon    Lunch


1pm      9 Holes begins on one of the                four Eagle Ridge courses



4pm     Pick-up in front of the Pro Shop




2021  Summer Junior Camp Dates


Mon May 31 thru Wed June 1

Mon June 7 thru Wed June 9

Mon June 28 thru Wed June 30


Mon July 5 Thru Wed July 7

Mon July 12 thru Wed July 14

Mon July 19 thru Wed July 21

Mon July 26 thru Wed July 28





Camp Prices

The cost for a Three-Day Camp which includes green fees, cart fees and lunch is $285.