Twenty Lesson Series

Twenty Private Lessons for only $1200. 

Save $600!

All private lessons will be followed by a Lesson Overview Video that is emailed to the student. 

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Ten Lesson Series

Purchase 7 one-hour lessons get 3 Free!

Total Cost $630

 All private lessons will be followed by a Lesson Overview Video that is emailed to the student. 

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  • Learn the game from putts to driver
  • Get a full game tune up for a super low price
  • First week Putting
  • Second week Chipping
  • Third week Irons
  • Fourth week Woods
  • Fifth class is on-course!
  • Maximum of five students
  • Now Only $99 

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Any Questions?  Call 352 259 0436


 "At 60 years young and recently moving to The Villages, and having never
playing golf in my life, I took up the game and started taking lessons from Mark
Panigoni. After 7 lessons with Mark, I shot a 41 on Sunday including my first
birdie at Sandhill playing from the gold. This was the 15th game that I had
played in my life. Two days later I played my 17th game at Saddlebrook
and scored a 35 with 3 pars and 4 bogies playing from the gold. This was now my
best game. These lessons really work. "    ----Bill Hayden    

The Villages, FL

Mark is the area's ONLY Authorized Stack & Tilt instructor.


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 Private Lessons

 After your lesson you will get a lesson overview video emailed to your computer that includes videos of your swing and instructor commentary.  To see a sample of a Lesson Overview Video click here


30 minute...................$50

60 minute...................$90

60 minute couples.......$95




 Lesson Programs

Private Lessons Schedule Now!



$50.......30 minute lesson                 
$90.......60 minute lesson Junior lessons can be on short game, full swing or even on-course
$95.......Couple lesson (1hr)


After your lesson you will get a lesson overview video
emailed to your computer that includes videos of your swing and instructor commentary. Click here to see a sample of this technology

Lesson Series  Schedule Now!


Twenty Private Lesson Series 

for only $1200. 

20 One-hour lessons after all private lessons you will get a lesson overview video

Save $600!



Buy 5 and GET ONE FREE!

6 One-Hour Private Lessons (a $540 value)          
Price $250………………… $90!                     



Suggested schedule of lesson topics would be two hours on full-swing (fix your slices, hooks, pulls or ground balls) including woods and irons and two hours focused on short game including pitching, chipping, putting and sand shots. Learn how to be shifted forward when you hit the ball. These programs expire in one month after the first lesson



Buy 7 and GET THREE FREE!            


10 One-Hour Private Lessons  (a $900 value)         

Price $630............................Save $270!

Expires six months after the first lesson.  The series special pricing includes Junior lessons.




On-Line Video Lessons


     The Panigoni Golf Online Academy offers online golf instruction to golfers worldwide. You can now experience state-of-the-art online golf swing analysis, for a fraction of the cost of an in-person lesson.

     You will receive a pesonalized lesson overview video emailed to you within 48 hours.  It will include video golf swing analysis of your swing that will be stored in your online “locker,” available for viewing anytime, for all time. View expert analysis of your golf swing from Mark Panigoni PGA pro and Authorized Stack & Tilt instructor online and start improving your game today.

     Whether its one lesson to get your game rolling or a series of follow-up lessons, you can choose to work on your game, at your pace, right from home.

     Simply follow the steps below to film your swing and submit it via the V1-Online Golf Swing Analysis app. Then Mark will personally provide expert analysis using the Stack & Tilt swing system!


     For a limited time, the introductory price for an On-Line Video Lessons is $30!



     Take advantage of improving your golf using the Panigoni Golf Online Academy by completing the following steps:




    First contact Mark by calling 352-259-0436 or email your credit card information to .  Please include card number, expiration date, cvv code (3 digit number on back of card) and billing address zip code.  Mark uses the Square app to charge credit cards.

    Upon payment, follow these detailed instructions on how to videotape your swing and upload it to us using one of the following methods:

  • Use either the V-1 Droid smartphone app (Free) or iPhone or iPad app ($4.99) click on the following link




How to Videotape Your Swing


Using your smartphone camera or video camera,  both down-the-line and face-on views are needed to do a proper analysis of your swing.




Down the line viewFace view











                         Down the Line view                                           Face View



Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • It helps to have a tripod or something to rest the camera or smartphone on.
  • Position yourself directly behind the student, this is the down-the-line shot.
  • Height of camera should be hand-high when at your address position
  • Begin recording and hit two shots with whatever club you want.
  • Stop recording and move camcorder to the face-on position
  • Record two more shots with the same club.
  • Stop recording
  • Review your video to make sure you can see your entire body and club swinging within the screen.



Recommended videoing methods........


Using the V-1 Droid smartphone app (Free)


    • Install the App from the App store on your phone
    • Log-in or create a new account
    • Tap camera button
    • Capture/Import video your swing
    • Analyze Video (this needs to be done first in order to get the video into a format V1 Pro understands)
    • Click the V1 logo
    • Touch Send video
    • Choose "Email Attachment"
    • Send To:
    • Wait for the phone to send
    • Once the video is analyzed by your instructor, you will receive an email with the Lesson Overview.   Your lesson overview will also be saved in your Smarterlessons locker where you will be able to view it.


Using the iPhone or iPad app ($4.99)


    • Install the app
    • Log-in or create a new account
    • Click Camera button to film a video, trim as necessary
    • From the analysis window, take the following steps:
      • click the V1 Logo
      • click “Send Video” then
      • click “Email attachment”
    • Send To:
    • Once the video is analyzed, you will receive an email with the Lesson Overview.   Your lesson overview will also be saved in your Smarterlessons locker where you will be able to view it.



    Your swing will then be fully analyzed and returned to you in a Lesson Overview email for multiple viewings at your liesure and the ability to follow-up with future lessons.  It will also be stored in your Smarterlessons vault on the Panigoni Golf website.


That should be it! Sit back and give us a few days to fully analyze your swing.


If you have any questions at all, please email them to

and we will be happy to help you out.


Thanks again!